Profile of the visitors/visitor target group:

The European Floor & Wall Exhibition is a professional event open to all visitors who operate professionally with the product groups below. We think specifically of fitters, buyers, dealers, importers, architects, etc...

Wooden floors Parquet Laminate
Cork Bambooe LVT
PVC en Vinyl floors Terrace floors (wood and composite) Wooden exterior wall cladding
Fastening systems for terraces and wall covering Adhesives, varnishes, oils, joint fillers, and cleaning and maintenance products for floors and walls Machines for sawing, sanding, polishing, renovating, nailing, and stapling
Machines for oiling and varnishing, drying, and buffing Coating contractors (varnishing, oiling, planing, packaging, distressing, and so on) Timber trades
Accessories for the sector: work tools, moisture measurement, sawing machines, and distressing machines Skirting boards and profiles Moisture barriers for floors and walls
Subfloors Stair renovation and stair profiles  

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Registration through the website is for free. The cost for registration at the entrance is 35 Euro/person.

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